November 12, 2019

Caring 4 Boys Press Release

By Sbongakonke Ntombela, Managing Director

Caring For Boys

A life without education is half lived and a lack of education may be a root cause of many problems including poverty, lack of opportunity, crime and violence to mention just a few.​

As a nation we have forsaken the young generation of men, we have lost  them, and the time to do something is now!​

Many successful leaders were once ordinary young boys except with a vision and a purpose to always want to do better and try harder. Its heartbreaking to raise or even teach demotivated young boys who have resorted to all kinds of social ills.​

Question is, what more are we waiting to see? Teachers find it difficult to teach these days, the level of disrespect from our own children at schools is frightening. Gender  based violence is escalating so is rape and drugs/ substance abuse.  Our silence is indirectly contributing to the deaths and rape we are witnessing in our country..

South Africa, we all have a role to play, starting from our own families, neighborhood ,schools and the community at large.​ Isintu sithi “zigotshwa zisemanzi”

Join us as we embark on a national programme in partnership with your network to groom, nurture, educate, and ultimately motivate the youth mainly young men and boys on various societal issues such as​;

  • Socialresponsibility (Drugs and substance abuse)​
  • Rape,sexual and gender-based violence.​
  • Education and career guidance​
  • Health services ( HIV/ Aids awareness)​
  • Untimely parenting and
  • Absent fatherhood

The program will address these defies through a well planned and comprehensive workshops in education, health and livelihoods.​

To become a partner or to donate,please email me on

Issued by

Miss Sbongakonke Ntombela
Campaign Director


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