August 6, 2019


By Sbongakonke Ntombela, Managing Director

Calling all women entrepreneurs! In celebration of women’s month, today Sbonga Creationz & Commununicationz (SCC) strengthened its commitment to women empowerment with the launch of the first #SheIsCapable initiative, directed to women entrepreneurs especially those from Kwazulu Natal(KZN) and surroundings.

We at SCC understand some of the challenges faced by women in pursuit to their goals, such as voice and women representation in society, because of this, #SheIsCapable initiative aims to assist women entrepreneurs break gender, social and financial barriers hindering their access to opportunities in business. To celebrate this women’s month, we have tailored strategic integrated public relations and marketing campaigns in honour of ONE remarkable woman.

To participate, KZN companies owned women or with at least one female founder are invited to submit a thirty(30) seconds to one(1) minute video clip to a WhatsApp number found on our website. This video should outline your company’s unique capabilities, challenges and a clear physical view of your end product or services offered.

Entries open today and close later this month. One winner will be selected through an intense but fair procedures (including the public’s vote on our social media platforms), walking away with a start-up Public Relations/ Marketing package to the value of R15000.00

Package includes but not limited to:

▪ Public relations/marketing strategy
▪ Social media strategy
▪ Generic press release for your business/ services
▪ Print media coverage and interview
▪ Business/ product launch (excluding venue hire and décor)

About us

We are storytellers, creating narratives through combined public relations efforts to advance and enhance your business agenda.

We specialise in public relations, event, campaigns and marketing for businesses and innovators mainly start-ups across all industries. We move with the movers, shakers, breakers and makers who want to be known for their big ideas and groundbreaking developments.

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Miss Sbonga Ntombela
Managing Director